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caregiver helping elderly man walk with a walkerLagniappe Homecare’s Rehabilitation Services include an interdisciplinary team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists. This team works together with the referring physician to develop a personalized plan of treatment to enable our patients to maximize and regain their independence. Our goal is returning patients to their optimal level of function.

Physical Therapy

The focus of physical therapy is balance, endurance, and strength. Exercises, massages, and pain relief measures are provided to assist in recovery from illness or injuries such as stroke, arthritis, heart or lung disease, spinal cord injury, or debilitation due to a lengthy hospital stay. Extensive services for postoperative orthopedic care related to fractures or hip/knee replacement are also available.

nurse helping patient walk

Occupational Therapy

The focus of occupational therapy is muscle strength and coordination to regain independence with activities of daily living. Common tasks include the use of adaptive equipment and retraining in homemaking skills, grooming, hygiene, and dressing due to a medical condition such as stroke, surgery, or neurological impairment.

Speech Therapy

The focus of speech therapy is helping patients who are experiencing difficulty related to speech, language, hearing, cognitive impairment, swallowing, or verbally communicating after a stroke or due to a medical condition. Patients with memory loss or dementia can also benefit.

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